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Guiding College-Aged Women Towards Deep Awareness & Confident Action

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Megan’s role as a life coach is to provide a safe, encouraging space for you to regularly process what you’re experiencing as a college-aged woman so you can make decisions from a place of deep self-awareness and take confident action in alignment with your values.

Change can be confusing, challenging, and stressful, but you don’t have to navigate this alone. Not by a long shot.

This guidebook is a gift to you! Work through this to gain clarity and insight so you can take confident action during this season of life.

Who She Serves

This is an exciting time for everyone involved! Change and transition in life can bring up both positive and negative feelings. If you often walk the line between excitement and overwhelm, you’re in the right place.

Are you a college-aged woman feeling…

  • Excited for this season of life
  • Anxious for what’s to come
  • Eager to find your unique voice
  • Excited to establish growing independence
  • Nostalgic for the comforts of friends/family back home
  • Nervous about what your future holds
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of choices in front of you

Guiding College-Aged Women

It’s your time to blaze your own trail. You get to be in charge of your days and how you engage in the world. You are discovering what it’s like to live in a diverse community of people and try new things.

It’s your time to learn, explore, and become the best version of you. To build self-trust and find confidence in your own decision-making skills. To continually develop relationships in order to align your lifestyle with your personality, values, and faith.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy or linear. Heck, it’s often quite the opposite! Life can come at us with all kinds of twists and turns.

That’s what Megan’s here for; to help you listen for God’s voice of love, encouragement, and challenge so you can face each day as your bright, beautiful self – with confidence, clarity, purpose, and peace.

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Are you the parent of a college-aged woman feeling…

  • Excited for your daughter
  • Emotional in this season of life
  • Confused as you navigate your new role as a parent of a young adult
  • Eager to watch your daughter succeed
  • The desire to support her as she finds her unique voice and establishes independence

Guiding College-Aged Women

You are a key pillar in your daughter’s life.

Throughout Megan’s years of experience in school counseling and youth ministry (including raising her four children), she’s found that having an objective mentor in the mix actually ensures more open communication between parents and children.

Your daughter has the opportunity to meet with Megan as an objective party and share honestly without fear of judgment or shame. Even though you likely provide that space for her, it’s hard for kids to be fully transparent with their own parents. (Megan is living this irony with her kids too!)

She’s able to listen with an open, supportive heart in a way that offers the love, grace, and encouragement your daughter needs to work through hard things, celebrate the amazing moments, and confidently tackle everything in between.

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Kind Words

The Clarity and Support You’re Searching For

As a college-bound woman, life is all of a sudden really different in the most exciting way!
Megan understands that. In this guidebook, you will receive…

  • A deeper awareness of your values
  • Encouragement to dream about the life you want
  • A better understanding of how you’re spending your time
  • The opportunity to grow in your faith and ability to hear God’s voice
  • Encouragement to take next steps with confidence
  • The support you need to move confidently into the next phase of your life

This guidebook is truly a gift to you!

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